There are so many wet t-shirt contests going every night right now with tens of thousands of girls away for Summer vacation, we are very grateful to all of the Real Girls Gone Bad camera crew who always seem to be in the right place at the right time, ready to snap and record all of the best bits for your enjoyment.  To enjoy this wet and wild contest now on the official Real Girls Gone Bad website click >HERE< and you’ll be taken right over to join the party.

Real British girls lined up for a wet t-shirt competition

Girls line up for a wet t-shirt contest

Real girls kissing on stage during a wet t-shirt contest

Girls kissing on stage

Tanned girls strip topless

Real girls strip topless

Real girl gets her boobs out on stage for the crowd

Girl gets her boobs out for the crowd

Girls dancing topless on stage

Girls dancing topless

Real girl pulls down her white panties on stage to the delight of the crowd

Girl pulls her panties down on stage

Girl pantsed by her friend

Girl pulls down her friends panties

A group of drunk girls all pull down their white panties on stage

Group of girls pull down their panties on stage

Drunk British girl dancing fully naked on stage

Brunette girl strips fully naked on stage

Real girls dancing fully naked on stage showing their tanlines

Real girls dance naked on stage

Real Girls Gone Bad Wet T-shirt Contest

Real Girl Wet T-shirt Contest